The Pollock Twins: Proof of Reincarnation?

Gillian and Jennifer PollockAmong the paranormal community’s greatest unsolved mysteries, the half century-old case of the Pollock twins is considered one of today’s most compelling pieces of evidence for reincarnation.

The story: Twins Jennifer and Gillian Pollock were born Oct. 4, 1958 with some body markings that were eerily familiar to their parents. The Hexam, England girls reportedly had birthmarks identical to those of their sisters, Joanna (11) and Jacqueline (6), who had died tragically in an auto accident a year before the twins’ birth.

In addition to the mysteriously similar birthmarks, the Pollock twins are reported to have made statements about their dead sisters, sometimes in the first person and other times as one deceased sibling speaking about another; for instance, that the sister liked “the other park” better than the one they were in (with Jennifer and Gillian themselves never having visited the dead sibling’s favorite park). Jennifer and Gillian also correctly named dolls that Jacqueline and Joanna had owned and pointed out a school that their dead siblings had attended.

Though direct evidence, such as photos of the birth marks on all four girls, has never been obtained, the story is comparatively recent in history, making it somewhat less murky than some older, less researched cases. This makes the story more plausible to some investigators – but for others, a lack of clear evidence keeps this case in the realm of the unsolved.

Dr. Ian Stevenson researched the twins extensively.
Dr. Ian Stevenson researched the twins’ case extensively. They are featured in his book.

Support for the case is bolstered by the fact that the twins were mentioned in the book Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation by psychiatrist Ian Stevenson. However, an issue lies in the fact that Dr. Stevenson never actually met and examined the twins. Nevertheless, his study of the Pollock girls (and his other cases) was extensive, as far as thorough investigation and testing of second-hand information and witness testimony allowed.

In addition, there seems precious little to actually refute the case. Though lack of refuting evidence doesn’t prove a a story is valid, it is compelling that a 20th century event, with directly obtained eyewitness testimony and a study of birth, death and other records, has not actually been disproved. (We scoured legendary skeptic’s go-to site in addition to our other debunking research; the search met with no results, and we were unable to locate any information pointing to evidence of fraud.)

If the anecdotes are accurate, they would at the very least constitute some supporting evidence for psychic ability. Taken to their logical conclusion, they would seem to indicate reincarnation. The Pollock twins case continues to fascinate paranormal investigators. Current whereabouts of the twins are unknown.


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