SHOCKING Footage…Ghost Hunters Capture Spirit Shadow on Camera!

Authentic ghost footage isn’t easy to come by, so when we find something amazing, you KNOW we’re going to share it with you.

And in that spirit (see what we did there?), here is some absolutely amazing footage from the Fourman Brothers, who head up the Living Dead Paranormal Society:

The ghost hunt took place in July of 2015 at the West Virginia State Penitentiary, said to be haunted by the spirits of former prisoners whose crimes didn’t stop once they got behind bars.

Indeed, now-deceased convict “Red” Snyder, whose evil deeds at the prison ended in a brutal murder (he was stabbed 37 times), was the subject of much of the investigation. So was Danny Lehman, an inmate who was stabbed through the eye in 1986.

The investigators stirred up activity by taunting the dead prisoners, shouting at them and threatening to put them out in the yard…but the ghost hunters got more than they bargained for and ended the investigation visibly frightened.

“If There’s a Devil…He’s Working Overtime in a Place Like This”

The investigators heard giggles, eerie footsteps, a scream and picked up multiple frightening – at times, even threatening – EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) words from the undead at West Virginia Pen.

The ghostbusters tried to rouse the spirits’ ire – and activity – by stating there was “a snitch” among them and claiming they planned to start a riot.

The investigators felt numerous touches, as well as “chills,” during the spooky walk-through.

“If there’s Satan or a devil, he’s working overtime in a place like this,” states an unidentified witness in a voiceover during the video.

Footage Timestamps: You Won’t Believe What They Discovered

Highlights of the video include:

3:14: The footsteps of an individual – believed to be “Red” – can be heard.

16:43: Investigating a section of the prison known as the Sugar Shack, the ghost hunters hear “we did” via EVP in response to their question, “Is this where you got your excitement?”

18:34: A cell door shivers violently next to the investigators. Shortly thereafter, the words “I’m no longer in prison” are heard via EVP. When the investigators ask whether the spirit would like them to relay a message to its friends or loved ones, it responds, “Do you want to join them in hell?”

22:52: A voice responds correctly when the men ask what Josh’s name is.

27:16: Shockingly, a human being-shaped shadow appears and is caught on film.

The spirit continues to taunt the obviously shaken investigators throughout the course of the walk, asking whether they want to “join” it as they carefully step along the catwalk, and when Josh Fourman says he can’t go on, stating that he isn’t feeling well, the voice taunts, “That’s kind of bull, dog.” Watch the entire video – we guarantee you’ll have chills.

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