Giorgio Tsoukalos is Surprisingly Down-to-Earth in This Fascinating Interview

  Known among enthusiasts and critics alike as "the guy with the hair," Giorgio Tsoukalos has been a staple commentator on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens for eight fascinating seasons. He's been the subject of many a good-natured meme, but the Swiss-born Tsoukalos has always taken his "alien" theories seriously - and has convinced thousands... Continue Reading →


Big Green Men? Paper Postulates Aliens May Be 9′ Tall

Popular culture has long been enchanted with the idea of little green men. But according to a recent paper, the average height of an intelligent extraterrestrial may be more than nine feet - and it would weigh in at a whopping 300kg (661 lbs.). In his March 2015 abstract, The Nature of Inhabited Planets and... Continue Reading →

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