Ghost Invasion: The 4th Annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention

Calling all Colorado residents: the 4th annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention and Slumber Party will take place Friday-Sunday, Sept. 18-20, 2015 at the Imperial Hotel, Cripple Creek. Attractions include the "Telephone to the Dead," the Immortal Solstice dance troupe, games and prizes, a Happy Hour and meeting celebrities My Ghost Story, Day of the... Continue Reading →


Ghost Con Set for Oct. 17-18 in Owensboro, KY

  We like to stay transparent (aha - see what we did there?) on where to go to get your ghost fix, so if you love to explore things that go bump in the night but in broad daylight, get to Ghost Con. The event will take place Oct. 17-18 at the Owensboro Convention Center... Continue Reading →

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