Meet the Warrens: America’s Premier Demonologists Speak Out

Before there were Ghost Brothers and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, there were the Warrens. Here's everything you need to know about the world's first - and most famous - professional Ghost Busters. * Long before there were ghost busters (of any description), The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Regan Macneil and televised paranormal investigation crews by the... Continue Reading →


‘Dead Files’ Steve DiSchiavi Digs Deep in Exclusive Interview

We're grateful to author Gary Levine  for this fascinating - and fun! - peek into what makes former detective Steve DiSchiavi tick. The interview, published here in full, contains anecdotes about DiSchiavi's Brooklyn childhood (he was "asked to leave" high school in 10th grade and still remembers White Castle fondly), his association with The Dead... Continue Reading →

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