Big Green Men? Paper Postulates Aliens May Be 9′ Tall

Popular culture has long been enchanted with the idea of little green men. But according to a recent paper, the average height of an intelligent extraterrestrial may be more than nine feet - and it would weigh in at a whopping 300kg (661 lbs.). In his March 2015 abstract, The Nature of Inhabited Planets and... Continue Reading →


The Pollock Twins: Proof of Reincarnation?

Among the paranormal community's greatest unsolved mysteries, the half century-old case of the Pollock twins is considered one of today's most compelling pieces of evidence for reincarnation. The story: Twins Jennifer and Gillian Pollock were born Oct. 4, 1958 with some body markings that were eerily familiar to their parents. The Hexam, England girls reportedly had birthmarks identical... Continue Reading →

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